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The CBE Experience

Learn more about all that CBE has to offer! From improving your research skills and learning to present in front of clients to weekly social and professional development events, CBE strives to help each of its members grow both professionally and personally while forming relationships that last a lifetime. 

A Typical Week as an Analyst

Once you join CBE, you'll be placed on a eight-person case team to work with a specific client. On the team, you'll get to know your Managing Director, Case Team Leader, Associates, and other Analysts. Each week you'll meet with this team to discuss the client's project and showcase the work you did the week prior. In addition to the mandatory weekly case team meetings, there are a number of other opportunities to get involved in CBE by getting to know other members and taking advantage of all that CBE has to offer! 

Week in CBE

Semester Schedule

Semester Schedule

Ongoing Opportunities

Engagement - Each week, members are invited to CBE-wide events that help foster our strong community. While events virtually definitely look different, members have continued to engage and get creative with care packages and through movie nights, cooking competitions, game nights, Tie Dying, TikTok workshops, work sessions, and more.

Professional Development - In addition to the practical skills learned from casework, CBE also creates various opportunities for members through alumni mentorship, exclusive internship roles with corporate partners, and professional development workshops. CBE's biweekly newsletter also provides members a central location for all things professional development from internship opportunities to pillar-focused conferences to coffee chats with companies.

Throughout the semester, CBE offers a wide variety of events and opportunities outside casework led by our Director of Engagement, Director of Professional Development, Director of Sustainability, Director of Technology, and Director of Life Sciences.


Pillar TeamsEach semester, CBE's Directors of Sustainability, Technology, and Life Sciences lead efforts across each of their pillars both within CBE and in the greater community. Some of their past initiatives have included pro-bono consulting work (outside traditional casework), volunteering, speaker series, grant programs, a ventures competition, and internship opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion CBE is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all members and understands the importance of supporting people from a diversity of backgrounds and interests. All CBE members are welcomed to join the Diversity & Inclusion Council which creates a space to discuss ways to improve the organization as well as continuing our ongoing efforts like that of the Black Solidarity Grant and Sustainability Grants.

The Analyst Experience

Hear directly from some of our past Analysts! 


My name is Michael, and I was an Analyst this past fall. I’m from Pembroke Pines, Florida, and I’m planning on majoring in Economics with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy. Outside of CBE, I love cooking, playing soccer, reading, and playing video games. I’m also involved with the Harvard Black Student Association as the Treasurer of its Freshman Black Table. 


My Case

This past semester my case team worked with a sustainable waste management company to gauge consumer and small business owner opinions and behaviors related to sustainability. I learned not only how to engage in practical market research, but also how to organize and present my findings to clients and teammates. My highlight of the semester was the final deliverable – after weeks of hard work, it was incredibly gratifying to see the impact our findings had for our clients and the future of the sustainable waste management industry. 

My CBE Experience

CBE does a great job building community, and I highly recommend you participate in our social events as a member of the club. While I was expecting a more corporate, rigid environment, I found that everyone is as friendly and open as they are driven and hardworking. I had a lot of fun working with my case team and knew I was going to be involved in CBE for a long time, which led me to apply for leadership. If you are interested in consulting, business or the environment, CBE is the perfect organization for you :)


My name is Lucy, and I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska. This fall, I was an Analyst and I'm currently intending to concentrate in Sociology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy! At Harvard, I'm also involved in the Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Program, PBHA’s Small Claims Advisory Service, and the Institute of Politics’ Health Policy Team. In my free time, you’ll find me drinking excessive amounts of green tea (it’s healthy caffeine...), listening to Michael Barbaro’s smooth voice on The Daily, and trying to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe.


My Case

In the fall, I worked with a large nonprofit focused on blood donations and humanitarian relief. Our team conducted research on the blood market and deficits imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and I had the opportunity to dive into the issues of healthcare accessibility, medical racism, and the challenges associated with driving sustained, high-impact social change. My case

team constantly held genuine conversations about incorporating intersectionality into our deliverables. I interviewed business owners, community leaders, and former donors, and I was able to learn from their personal stories to ultimately create community-driven recommendations for our final deliverable.

My CBE Experience

CBE’s team dynamic and its emphasis on social impact and sustainability were what drove me to apply as a first-year and what motivated me to continue working in a leadership role this spring! Coming in, I had no experience or knowledge of consulting, but our CBE leads were incredibly supportive of me and other first-time Analysts – both within and outside of CBE. Through the Fams program, virtual bonding activities, and much-needed study breaks during midterm and finals season, I was able to connect with our entire CBE community even during the remote semester.


I’m Alice and I’m from Austin, Texas. I'm planning to study Economics or Math and I love playing Ken-Ken, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing with my dog, and eating my sister’s baking. At Harvard, I’m also a part of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, PBHA’s Chinatown After School Program, and the Asian American Association. This past fall I was an analyst working on a case dealing with sustainability for small to medium-sized businesses with a leading waste management company. My favorite part of the case was when we conducted focus group interviews with business owners – it was a wonderful experience getting to learn more about how small businesses operate.

My Case Team

I didn’t know anything about consulting when I joined the organization -- however, the leads on my team were super helpful and encouraging when guiding us through the process. We would make 3-5 slides summarizing our assignments almost every week, which we presented at our weekly case team

meetings. These slides all contributed to our midpoint and final presentations, so I thought it was really cool to see the final product come together with all of my work included in it. I really loved working with my case team, and I had a lot of fun with the people I met!

My CBE Experience

CBE looks like a really big organization, but there’s a lot of bonding events! They send us cool merch and also reimburse us for meals/snacks/drinks during some of our social events :) Don’t be intimidated by all the snazzy suits -- everyone’s super chill and friendly.