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Our Clients

CBE's members bring a wide range of experiences and skillsets to the table, making up case teams with valuable expertise in fields ranging from biotechnology and cloud computing to water management and battery power. Our casework falls into four main areas: marketing strategy, product and consumer research, market entry, and competitive analysis. Each of these is approached by each case team in a way that is tailored to fit each client with full use of Harvard's resources including Harvard Business School's library, professors, and alumni. The deliverables on a typical case include a presentation with final recommendations accompanied by a detailed research report.















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We offer research-based, data-driven analysis and actionable solutions for each of our clients, and have experience handling cases ranging from international market entry analysis to developing comprehensive branding and marketing. Common to all of these cases is our dedication to technical excellence and value creation through a combination of the effective use of intellectual capital and quantitative research as well as our emphasis on maintaining a forward-thinking creative mindset in our group throughout all the work we do.



Previous Clients

Each of our projects embodies our commitment to building a more efficiently designed private sector and making innovation accessible to communities across the world.  

Selected previous clients. CBE has worked with over 150 clients since 2008 but does not disclose client or project information without express consent for confidentiality purposes.

“Harvard CBE laid a robust foundation for strategic growth internationally and domestically, pointing our  marketing team in the right direction and giving us the tools we needed to develop a comprehensive plan for implementation. Their teams were professional, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to work with.”

— William Dean

Cambrian Innovation

Market Entry

Market Sizing
Barriers to Entry
IP Analysis
International Expansion

Competitive Analysis

New Entrants
Market Trends
Pricing Power

“Harvard CBE helped us design a detailed sales funnel to jumpstart our inbound marketing and outbound sales efforts. Their work was high-quality, fast, and thoughtful. We’ve been able to better manage our leads in our CRM and automate many of our marketing tactics with their help.”

— Hannah Geise

Spoiler Alert

“Working with the CBE allowed my small team to expand our research efforts into a new project that could add important perspectives to an ongoing program. Our CBE team was terrific—prompt, thorough, and also independent. They gave us exactly the information we wanted and allowed us to focus our efforts elsewhere. I highly recommend working with them!”

— Emily Flynn

Sustainable Endowments Institute

Consumer Research

Customer Segmentation
Interest Gauging
Preference Assessment
Pricing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Customer Identification
Sales Outline
Material Design

“The Harvard CBE team was a professional, efficient group that quickly helped us sift through our many ongoing projects as a start-up non-profit in order to find a promising collaboration. Once the project was identified, they worked quickly and independently to create a deliverable that we can use to push us along our next steps in business development."

— Miranda Aisling

 Miranda's Hearth