CBE's Impact

Harvard CBE was founded on the fundamental principle that community matters. That's why we're proud to give back to our community, whether it's through pro-bono cases or through our programs.

We're dedicated to innovation, to sustainability, and to community. 

Consistent, Measurable Impact

Explore the flagship programs that together show our dedication to being an impact-driven organization. 

Sustainability Grant

Each year, we dedicate $20,000+ in funding to local nonprofits, research initiatives and student groups working towards sustainability-driven projects during the upcoming year. 

Black Solidarity Grant

Through the Black Solidarity Grant, CBE has committed $4,000+ to fund organizations and projects that serve Black and Brown communities and advance racial equity and social justice in the Greater Boston area.

Financial Aid Programs

CBE is committed to making it easier for students to join CBE, regardless of financial background or term-time responsibilities. We offer a need-based financial aid program for analysts who would otherwise not be able to join CBE due to financial responsibilities such as term-time work. 


Each fall, CBE provides $15,000 in funding to Harvard-affiliated startups as a part of the annual CBE Ventures competition, as a part of our goal of promoting invention, progress, and sustainable innovation. 


Sustainability HS Awards

The award recognizes environmental stewardship and sustainability leadership amongst high school students around the world and aids in fostering work towards a more sustainable future, through the creation of solutions, education, and advocacy.