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Harvard CBE is excited to announce the 2nd annual CBE Ventures competition! We will be giving out prizes to the teams with the most innovative ventures, with a separate prize for businesses in the sustainable innovation space.


Our goal is to promote invention, progress, and sustainable innovation on campus, and we can't wait to see all the cool ideas you'll bring to the competition.


Good luck!

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 winners!

Sustainability Award: MakerFleet

Runner Up: Apothecary

First Place: Loro

Thank you to our judges: Cayman Somerville, Scott Xiao, and Jon Garrity!

Fall 2018 Finalists


Loro is a smart personalized companion for wheelchair users to navigate safely and to communicate efficiently.

Women for Education

Women for Education is a social enterprise providing student loans and mentorship to young women in Kenya.


Actionable in-facility analytics for health decision makers in Sub Saharan Africa starting with Kenya.

Initial Investment

Decoupling energy saving technology from the large upfront capital it takes to install it.


MakerFleet’s unique printing system and software allows us to provide the fastest and cheapest 3D printing service with no middle man.

SafeSide Surgical

SafeSide is the only company devoted to the issue of wrong-site surgery.

2Six Flow

2Six Flow offers an on-site redox flow battery as an energy storage solution for conventional generators.


Patented computer vision business analytics platform.


Applying AI to beauty – providing personalized recommendations skincare consultations.


Making Public Transport Cheaper, Accessible, and Efficient in Africa